Create Cultural Change at Every Level

Why we made the Institutional Subscription:

One of the greatest challenges facing cultural change in theatrical intimacy work is getting the tools into everyone's hands. Workshops can help in the short term, but after a few years, tools have changed and the students that received that knowledge have now graduated. What if there was a way to integrate theatrical intimacy pedagogy into EVERY theatre classroom and offer tools at the drop of a hat? That is how we've designed the Heartland Intimacy Design & Training Institutional Subscription. With access to the Institutional Subscription, every faculty member, student, staff member, or company member can log in at any time to learn, read, listen, watch, and research theatrical intimacy and apply it to their classwork or rehearsal processes for any project they are working on. With this model, students can be their own advocate for creating safer spaces wherever and whenever they are working and can revisit resources as often as needed. By offering the tools to everyone, we all learn, grow, and change the culture together.

Institutional Subscription

All the content. All of your team.

    1. A Message from the Instructor

    2. Course Overview

    1. What is Theatrical Intimacy?

    2. Quiz

    1. Changing the Culture

    2. Chicago Theatre Standards

    3. Reference List

    1. Setting, Maintaining, and Negotiating Boundaries

    2. Video Demonstration: Boundary Establishment

    3. Reference List

    1. Components of Intimacy Staging

    2. Video Demonstration: Levels of Touch

    1. De-roling and Debriefing

    2. Video Demonstration: De-Roling with Costume

    3. Video Demonstration: De-roling by "Showering" the Character Off

    4. Video Demonstration: De-Roling with a Partner

    5. Reference List

About this course

  • 70 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


  • How does the Institutional Subscription Work?

    The Institutional Subscription serves as a database for your company, department, school, or production. In the institutional subscription are all of the modules of the Core Curriculum, Somatic Regulation and Facilitation courses, and bonus learning content that can be implemented into classroom content.

  • What types of classes might benefit from having access to the Institutional Subscription?

    There are resources in the Institutional subscription for courses ranging from acting, directing, movement, stage management, script analysis, and research-based courses like capstone projects.

  • How do you gain access to the Institutional Subscription?

    We suggest that one login is created for everyone to use, for example [email protected] and a password that can be shared to the student body. Make sure it isn't the actual email password, though!

  • How long does the Institutional Subscription last?

    Most commonly, institutional subscriptions run on an annual basis. We are also able to run institutional subscriptions on a semester length or for the length of one production. The cost of the subscription would adjust based on the length of the subscription.

  • I'm worried about how much this might cost. Is the rate negotiable?

    The goal of Heartland is to be academic, accessible, and affordable. Our closest competitor with a similar product costs roughly three times what we are offering. While we think we have priced ourselves competitively with our product, we certainly can work within your budgetary needs. If you have budgetary concerns, please reach out and we are more than happy to work with you.

  • I'm interested! What information do I need to send you?

    Please send us your name, the size of your department (faculty, staff, students) who wish to have access to the content, and for how long you wish to have access.