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    1. Trauma-Informed Practices for Facilitators

    2. Hyperarousal

    3. Full Body Scan

    4. Columbian Hypnosis

    5. Object Physicalization

    6. Extended Sound

    7. Hypoarousal

    8. Sun Salutation

    9. 12-6-4

    10. Run to Center

    11. Person to Person

    12. Ships and Sailors

    13. Additional Resources

    14. Assignment

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Meet Your Instructor

Somatic Regulation and Facilitation Instructor Hannah Fazio

Hannah Fazio is a writer, educator, and intimacy professional currently finishing up her Ph.D. at Florida State University. Hannah holds a master’s degree in drama therapy from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in theatre and Hispanic studies from Hamilton College. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade and trained as a trauma-informed instructor with the Justice Resource Institute. Hannah’s writing has been published in Huffington Post, Theatre Topics, and Imagined Theatres. Her theatrical work has been featured at Bizarre Bushwick, The Living Gallery, Triad Theatre, Hamilton College, Florida State University, and Dixon Place.